ARGUS CINETECHNIC GmbH           The Argus Dolly

We have developed the ARGUS DOLLY ourselves:

Small - but for demanding tasks

A lightweight dolly that will master any situation you encounter during a tough day of shooting. Robust quality and enormous diversity – that is how our customers describe the ARGUS Dolly.

It does not always need to be the highly sophisticated and heavy Super Dolly. Fast, flexible shooting calls for cost efficiency and easy handling.

Count on reliable stability, even when moving and shooting.

That is when the ARGUS DOLLY is the perfect and convincing solution !

With a width of 73 cm, it can pass through all standard doorways. And what is more, with its low cost of rental, purchase and maintenance it will also squeeze through the bottlenecks of a tight production budget.

The ARGUS DOLLY is a highly reliable tool that won’t let you down when production conditions get really tough.

The ARGUS DOLLY features enormous mobility and wonderful ease of use. Its high-grade construction ensures an extremely long useful life. The ARGUS DOLLY will make your work easier while enriching your creativity options.